Dog Harness Basic Red



Our range of harnesses is made of sturdy leather and prepares your four-legged friend for countless adventures that offer endless comfort. Our harnesses are available in multiple sizes with adjustable buckles for a secure and secure fit every time it is worn.

Size Breedte Borstomvang
XXS 1cm 28-30cm
XS 1.2cm 38-42cm
S 1.5cm 50-55cm
M 2cm 60-65cm
L 2.5cm 70-75cm

Material and care
All our leather products are made from strong cow leather, which is chosen from the thickest part of the skin.

Because leather is a natural product, you must maintain your collar to ensure its lively quality, so that you can enjoy your dog's beautiful collar for the next ten years. Maintenance is easy to do with leather wax, a greasy colorless product. Once rubbed this fills the folds and flattens them, so the color returns and the collar stays supple.

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